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Yoga Poses to Soothe Sciatica Pain and Discomfort

0 2 years ago

If you are suffering from sciatica, you are not alone. In fact, Yoga International highlights a study by the Journal of Neurosurgery Spine that estimates adults have a 40% chance of experiencing sciatica during their lifetime.

Sciatica is tenderness or pain along the sciatic nerve, which starts in the lower back and runs down the buttocks, thigh and sides of each leg. Pain is often caused when the sciatic nerve is compressed or irritated from tight muscles (such as the piriformis located in the gluteal region of the hip for the anatomy enthusiasts out there). You may feel pain, tingling or numbness down the back of your leg. Common motions like sitting and driving, bending over and running can cause sciatic nerve pain.

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The acuBall’s specially designed acupoints and heat stimulate blood flow. This increases circulation, helping to ‘flush out’ built up toxins that accumulate in tight muscles causing pain. As these toxins release over time the muscle itself relaxes. Direct pressure from the acupoints also massages muscle and mobilizes joints, further enhancing pain free body movement.

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Sciatica can also be caused by a herniated disk in the lumbar spine which could press against the sciatic nerve. If you are experiencing painful shocks, tingling, burning, weakness or numbness in your legs and feet, it is important to see a doctor.

With approval from a doctor, you can try gentle yoga and stretching to release tight muscles, lengthen your spine and reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve. I filmed a 15 minute video you can do at home with poses that focus on stretching the hip and glute muscles.

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